Hunting Accident


Two buddies go duck hunting. They had been at it for a while when one had to take a dump.

So he leans his shotgun up against a fence and goes over to take care of business.

Suddenly a strong gust of wind comes along. It blows his shotgun over and it accidentally discharges and shoots him right in the crotch!

His buddy freaks out and loads him up in the pickup and starts speeding toward town and the nearest hospital. They finally get him into surgery and he's there for almost four hours.

When he wakes up he starts calling for the doctor. The doctor finally comes in and the guy said, "Doc, am I going to O.K.?"

The doctor said, "Well, there was a lot of buckshot damage. I was able to repair most of it, but now I think you need to see my brother."

The guy said, "Oh, is your brother a doctor, too?"

The doctor said, "No, he's a flute player. He can show you where to put your fingers so you don't piss in your eye!"


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